Caring for Your Hard Surfaces

So, you’ve got gorgeous new flooring and now you need to know how to care for it. No one wants to ruin brand-new flooring by using the wrong products. Everyone you know may recommend different things and some may sound arbitrary. Don’t worry anymore! We’re here to help you with what’s best for your floors.

Cove Flooring & Design Celebrates New Location Anniversary

May 2021 marked the one-year anniversary for Cove Flooring & Design at their new 200 Market Street, Martinsburg, PA location. And it was a remarkably busy year! Cordell and Cara Ebersole, owners of Cove Flooring & Design, understand the importance of serving their communities and are thrilled to have been well received by The Cove… Continue reading Cove Flooring & Design Celebrates New Location Anniversary

Top Commercial Flooring Trends

Whether you own, manage, or work in a business or organization, you understand that the atmosphere and environment in which you work can make all the difference. Clean, fresh, stylish designs tend to unleash creativity, productivity, and comfort as your business thrives.